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Beautiful Dentures for Confident Smiles

If you’re looking for affordable dentures for missing teeth, we can design and fit beautiful-looking dentures that don’t slip! Poorly made dentures shift, click, and even fall out. They can be uncomfortable and worsen over time. Our doctors are skilled at fitting your dentures so well that natural suction holds them in place. We make sure the dentures suit your facial structures and help you maintain a more youthful appearance. They’re also more comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about them moving around when you talk!

What Are “Traditional” Dentures?

We use this term to describe what most people think of as dentures. A full set of replacement teeth that can be placed in your mouth, and then removed, without any kind of anchor. A partial denture can be clipped on to existing teeth and fill the space left by missing natural teeth. Bridges use crowns to hold the replacements in place for a couple of missing teeth. We use high-quality materials so people won’t even know you’re wearing dentures unless you tell them!


Overdentures – For Extra Security

Though our custom dentures fit comfortably and are designed not to move around, some patients want the strongest denture support. And we can provide that, with an innovative solution called overdentures. With the use of just a few dental implants to support the dentures, your teeth will be “locked” into place so they won’t move. Yet they easily snap off for cleaning. You’ll never have to use messy denture creams again! Ask us if you are a candidate for overdentures.

All-on-4™ Implant-Supported Dentures

We are also happy to offer our patients All-on-4 immediate load implants. With this option, a few implants securely hold permanent dentures in place that never need to be taken out. And the best part is that you can arrive in our office with missing or unhealthy teeth and leave with beautiful, functioning teeth – all in the same day.

Schedule a consultation to see how we can make beautiful traditional dentures and implant-supported dentures you’ll love.
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